Our Purpose / Mission Statement:

Our male mentoring sessions began in 2003 at Morgan Park High School during the football season. A few years later, the sessions continued with Perspectives High School football teams. We are so very appreciative of Coach Lexie Spurlock and Coach Terry Jones for how they value and embrace the vision of RAM.

We're taking males ages 5 to 25 on a 33 lesson journey from boyhood to manhood. This journey include each young man writing his personal “Manhood Vision Plan” which identifies, WHERE HE IS NOW, WHERE HE PLANS TO GO AND HOW HE PLANS TO GET THERE. His journey will culminate in a rites of passage ceremony celebration entitled,   “THE DAY I BECAME A MAN”

Potentially we look forward to having a RAM presence in every Middle School and High School in Chicago and then, the cities of the world.

My staffand I which includes 3 to 4 young men are on a mission of Raising an Amazing Generation of Young Men. We’re taking 6th, THRU 12th grade boys on a 30 lesson journey from boyhood to manhood.

We are presently meeting in two Chicago Public Schools.

  •  Perspectives Middle School & High School at  81st & May Chicago, Ill.
  •  Joslin Campus Perspectives High School 1950 S. Archer Ave Chicago, Ill.

From 2015 to 2017 We have been at The Perspectives High School during the summer only.

However this school year 2018-19 we have been at these locations during the summer as well as during the regular school year. And each summer we have mentored up to a total of 75 boys.

This School year 2018-19 we are presently mentoring over 160 boys from both campuses. During the summers we’ve held 45 minuet classes 3 days a week. And during the regular school year we are holding 1 hour classes in some cases twice each week. These classes are held during regular school hours. We have been able to teach our mentoring classes under the heading “Living A Discipline Life”. We are so thankful for this opportunity this school has given us.


To Mentor young men to live out their God-given purpose, to empower their families, to Influence their peers and to inspire future generations!


Character Development, Social Responsibility, Critical Thinking, Education,Team Building


To Raise a Generation of Amazing Young Men who Reject Passivity, Accept Responsibility, LIVE & LEAD, Courageously…


Today our boys 6th grade through 12th are at critical crossroads in their lives. It’s at this age these young boys make critical life changing decisions and the statistics are alarming and disappointing ... The dropout rate for inner-city high school boys is approaching 50%. Over 70% of those boys who drop out end up in one or more of these categories:

Joining Gangs


Using Drugs and Alcohol


Promiscuous Lifestyle


Crime and Imprisonment



The Answer Is… RAM  - Raising Amazing Men
This Is Our Process

Phase I - Lessons 1 through 8

The  Definition Man of An Authentic Man
The Four Faces of Balance Manhood
The 5 Major Manhood Wounds
The Symptoms and Remedies of the WORST WOUND

Phase II- Lessons 9 through 18

Review - The 5 Major Manhood Wounds The Symptoms and Remedies of  each WOUND Definition of Success Manhood Scriptures and Proverbs Initiate Manhood Vision Plan

Phase III- Lessons 19 through 26

Making a game plan for life Why boundaries matter The importance of choosing friends  Writing my Manhood Plan  What Winning Looks Like

Phase IV- Lessons 27 through 33

Future focus  Finalizing my Manhood Plan Submitting my finished Manhood Plan The Gold In You  ....My family of friends and team members are Identifying to me my Strengths, Talents, abilities. etc.. Planning for Ceremony ...Place ...Time ... Expectations